The company Mráček Kovo was founded as a family company by father and son, Josef and Michal Mráček, in 1990. At that time we started to present ourselves both on the Czech market and abroad. To today's appearance Mráček Kovo s.r.o. the company passed 2007.

The company expanded both in terms of production, production facilities and capacities, as well as technologically. The company is now at a completely different level thanks to the financing of machinery. We are equipped with several CNC machines: laser, plasma and bending machine. We realize the orders from production drawings, through our own production, powder coating and machining to assembly and subsequent transport.


We have been working on this production process for 29 years. The company's goal is to bring customers to full satisfaction. Our main priority is product quality, timely delivery of orders, and interesting prices. We cooperate with several suppliers on the market to help us achieve our goal.

Together with the customer, we help create design elements of business interiors and other industries. We work with a wide range of materials.


We can process black, stainless steel, aluminum and more, depending on customer's request.